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Although deadly by nature and conception, World War II-era vintage fighter and combat aircraft (aka 'warbirds') are nowadays more popular then ever and frequently used to bring old adversaries together to show the world the true meaning of 'after battle' reconciliation and new bonds of friendship.

This warbirds-devotion clearly illustrates the desire of aircraft-owners and restorers to resurrect the technical excellence of these aircraft and the camaraderie of the various aircrew flying these fighter- and bomber-aircraft 'in anger'.


By publishing in-depth articles on these individual aircraft, we pay tribute to the designer, manufacturer, former aircrew and present owner and restorer of these wonderfull aircraft.



To create the correct perception, we illustrate our articles with pictures taken as often as possible in the natural habitat of these 'warbirds', without of course jeopardising common sense, technical limitations and flight safety.


With most flyable warbird-aircraft firmly embedded with their present owners, we bring new warbird-owners and their ambitious, lengthly and craftmen-like restoration into the open... from a ferocious Spitfire-fighter to a rare TBM-3E Avenger maritime-predator and a nimble Fieseler Storch 'grasshopping' liaison aircraft.


By sending these articles, always illustrated by vital inflight air-to-air pictures, to (inter)national aviation magazines around the world and Europe, we will boost the exposure of your warbird-aircraft.

Since most European vintage-aircraft airshow organisers also carefully read these aviation-magazines to look for new 'key-performers', this positive impact on your exposure may well trigger some additional invitations to attend (inter)national airshows... although this is out of our hands :-).

During these photoflights we use high-quality digital cameras, so we are able to download all pictures on your computer after landing.

All pictures are free from charge usable by you after having sent our articles for publication to the various aviation magazines.

Priority will be given to magazines selected by you, to boost this geo-targeted exposure as efficiently as possible.

By publishing our aviation articles in the recent past, we gained a proven publication-ratio and geographical spread, unmatched in today's world of aviation journalism.


Articles were published from the United States of America to Japan and all over Europe.


For sure you will/may be contacted by other aviation photographers claiming similar publication-success. At all times we are willing to send you additional information and/or accreditation letters by editors to clarify our publication track-record. (c) was created a decade ago by Stefan DEGRAEF and Edwin BORREMANS, Belgium's leading (military) aviation photographers and reporters.


Countless reports on various air force's fighter squadrons and units were published in a large number of (inter)national aviation magazines, hugely boosting the exposure of these units around the globe.


The same publication-success, unmatched in today's world of aviation journalism, has been achieved with similar  high-quality articles on individual classic aircraft, based in Europe.


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