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  full report on Canadian CT-133

Silver Star

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  report on TBM-3E HB-RDG in publication

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  soon to come : Silver Bullet over the Alps : de Havilland DH-100 Vampire

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Welcome to, the classic aviation-orientated website of TrueBlueAviaPress.


On this website we will show you our capabilities and experience on the publication of high-quality and highly-rated articles on classic aviation in a large number of (inter)national aviation magazines around the world.

Your vintage aircraft association to save valuable aviation heritage or restoration project, to make a world-classic aircraft flying again, may need some international exposure to get additional funding or even appreciation by aviation enthousiasts, companies or authorities.

Flashy pictures, taken by 'photo-only' photographers, are not enough, only a well-written article will and can tell the story !


Fortunately, we gained vast experience in taking high-quality pictures and editing 'to the point' articles, suitable for publication.



We can offer you this boost in (inter)national exposure by editing high-quality articles and sending these reports to a large number of  aviation magazines or media, selected by you.

Our articles are published all over the world, from the United States of America to Japan and all over Europe.


A publication-ratio and geographical spread unmatched in today's world of aviation journalism.


Interested ..... take a look at this website and do not hesitate to contact us. (c) was created a decade ago by Stefan DEGRAEF and Edwin BORREMANS, Belgium's leading (military) aviation photographers and reporters.


Countless reports on various air force's fighter squadrons and units were published in a large number of (inter)national aviation magazines, hugely boosting the exposure of these units around the globe.


The same publication-success, unmatched in today's world of aviation journalism, has been achieved with similar  high-quality articles on individual classic aircraft, based in Europe.


More info can also be found on :



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