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Civil-owned and -operated demonstration-teams can unfortunately not rely on the almost unlimited financial, logistical and marketing support by their own country's air forces.


Neither can these teams use official bi- or multilateral contacts between the various air forces or military airshow organisers to perform at various air force's airshows in order to show their capabilities.

Recent financial events also force organisers of civilean airshows to optimise their available funds to book only those display teams who will trigger mass attendance by airshow enthousiasts and general public alike and -at the same time- sponsors, using this well-organised and popular event for their own marketing and PR-policy.

To receive these financial interesting airshow-bookings, needed to successfully run your team and safeguard its future, your demonstration-team needs to come in to the open by getting valuable exposure in the mainstream aviation magazines.




In recent years we contacted two initially lesser-known demonstration-teams, both of them bringing an enjoyable flying-routine, illustrating their pilots enthousiasm and flying excellence, to the airshow public.


Both teams were very eager to join our request to write an in-depth article on their operational history, flying programme, aircraft and most importantly the motivation and excellence of their pilots and ground-crew.


Articles on these teams, flying a total different aircraft-type and flying-routine, were published in a large number of (inter)national magazines.


Priority was given to aviation-magazines, selected by both teams to assist in their geo-target exposure and aviation awareness strategy within today's world of vintage and display aviation.

Pictures of these demonstration-teams, taken during pre-briefed photo-flights with the team from a spare-aircraft, were also forwarded to the team's executives for internal and promotional purposes.


These inflight pictures are vital to achieve the mutually desired 'target'-publication rate since they give an objective impression of the flying capabilities and excellence of your team. (c) was created a decade ago by Stefan DEGRAEF and Edwin BORREMANS, Belgium's leading (military) aviation photographers and reporters.


Countless reports on various air force's fighter squadrons and units were published in a large number of (inter)national aviation magazines, hugely boosting the exposure of these units around the globe.


The same publication-success, unmatched in today's world of aviation journalism, has been achieved with similar  high-quality articles on individual classic aircraft, based in Europe.


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